Lifecycle Celebrations - Science & Nature Programs for Children

Photo: Rachael Knight-Reigns

Photo: Rachael Knight-Reigns

Twiggy- Mossy Leaf Tail Gecko

Photo: Rachael Knight-Reigns

Mango- Leopard Gecko
Photo coming soon!

Cali- California Desert Tortoise

Photo by: Rachael Knight-Reigns

Gilda- Gargoyle Gecko
Photo coming soon!

Greta- Gargoyle Gecko

The Stars of the Show!
Meet live reptiles
from around the world!

Sunny- Bearded Dragon

Angel- Uromastyx

Skittles- Panther Chameleon

Suede- Dalmatian Crested Gecko

Lil Foot- Sulcata Tortoise

Photo: Rachael Knight-Reigns
Velcro- African Fat Tailed Gecko

Sprinkles- Leopard Gecko

Banana Split- Leopard Gecko

Checkers- Garter Snake

Photo by: Rachael Knight Reigns

Casper-Albino Garter Snake

Photo: Rachael Knight Reigns

Ruby- Bearded Dragon

Photo: Nick Gill

Pistachio- Chinese Water Dragon

Gargamel- Gargoyle Gecko

Photos: Rachael Knight-Reigns

Maizey- Corn Snake

Reptile Round Up! 
$ 150.00- 1   hour program               
$225.00- 1.5 hour program
$275.00- 2    hour program