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Earth Science Programs

Rockhounds Around The World &
Rock Cycles~ Geo Fun!
In these hands-on presentations on earth science, I share an extensive display of rocks or minerals from around the globe. These programs are geared toward the age groups served, and I vary the program for preschool through grade six.
In this interactive program the children will use magnifiers to explore the depths of specimens! Collect gemstones to take home! Explode a volcano!
Rockhounds Around The World! (minerals)
Rock Cycles~ Geo fun! (rocks)            

Earth Science Programs & Pricing:

1    hour program:      $150.00
1.5  hour program:      $225.00
2    hour program:      $275.00

Dinosaurs,Fossils, & Roar!
Fossil displays including dinosaur bones, coprolite, ammonites, orthoceras, fossil fish, brachiopods, trilobites, petrified woods, amber, and plant fossils too! Students will learn how fossils are formed, and I share some of my "living fossils" as well! Meet my tortoise, millipedes, cockroaches & more! You can choose to add a shark tooth fossil dig to this program!

Corncobs to Compost
Learn about composting, and it's importance to our environment; information on how to compost, what to compost, and our trash timeline too. Also learn about vermi-composting, using redworms! Resources and information to take home to begin composting with your family! I share lots of live decomposers, including millipedes, cockroaches, isopods and more!

Earth's Natural Resources:
Animal, Vegetable or Mineral
The earth's natural resources are used everyday in our lives in many varied ways! Learn about the many precious resources given to us by our earth, and ways we can help with sustainability! We will discuss renewable and non renewable resources.Touches on the importance of protecting these natural resources. You'll be surprised by all the everyday things, from toothpaste to medicines! Extensive displays of specimens to showcase the many minerals we use in our lives.

Everyday is Earth Day
This class is all about Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle! Continuum of the trash timeline, ideas about how to reduce waste in our lives, and the importance of recycling in regard to our landfills. Hands-on activities using recyclables. Resources, ideas and activities for take home learning!

Free, Found, & Fun
This class is also all about reduce, reuse, and recycle: with a twist! Learn about "precycling", with a focus on simplicity and using common household ingredients for tactile, kinesthetic, and creative experiences! Gooey, messy, crazy & creative fun!

Green Thumb Kids
Learn about ways to "garden green",using beneficial insects in our gardens, companion planting, "lasagne gardening",composting, and planting to attract beneficial insects into our gardens. Resources & ideas for safe, homemade insecticides, and more!

Wings of Flight
This class focuses on all things with wings! From winged insects, to birds, to bats! We'll learn about the many different types of wings in the world! Fun, interactive, and informative! I share a sampling of live winged wonders! Use magnifiers to view insect wings, and more!

Dinosaurs, Fossils & Roar!

Hands On Learning Experiences!

Journaling Nature
Teaches about experiencing, observing and recording nature. Each student will take home their own nature journal, and we learn about the many ways to record your experiences in nature- from drawing to journaling in written word or photographs!

Junior Naturalists
We'll learn about "citizen science", what it is, and how everyone can become a citizen scientist! Learn about ways you can help animals, the environment, natural resources, and many other things in our natural world! Become a citizen scientist, and advocate good for the planet! Resources available! We can all make a difference!

Planting Pizza Gardens
A total sensory experience! Touch, smell, taste, and see all the various ingredients in a pizza, from the herbs to wheat, to tomatoes! Students will make their own pizza mini-greenhouse, and plant herbs on homemade pizza paper, to grow for their own pizza!

Trailblazers programs are field trips to nature areas, studying specific topics related to nature, seasons, geography, native wildlife, history of the land, plant life, and more! I offer these programs monthly, and send information to email contacts and on my Lifecycle Celebrations Facebook page too! It is also possible to schedule a Trailblazers outing for your own group! Contact me for more information! Prices vary. To be added to email contacts, please complete the contact form here, and specify your interests.

Water Cycles

Worms Eat What?
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