Lifecycle Celebrations - Science & Nature Programs for Children
Amazing Amphibians!
Meet live amphibians from around the world!
1   hour program:     $150.00
1.5 hour program:     $225.00
2    hour program:     $275.00

Humpty & Dumpty-
White's Tree Frogs

Heinz- Tomato Frog
Photo coming soon!

Tigger- African Bouncing Toad


Sally- Spotted Salamander  
Lucy-Red Eyed Tree Frog

Tony the Tiger Salamander

Photo courtesy of: Rachael Knight Reigns

Skye- Amazon Milk Frog

Photo courtesy of Rachael Knight Reigns

Ziggy- Asian Painted Frog

Bonnie & Clyde- Fire Bellied Toads

American Green Frogs
Photo coming soon!