Lifecycle Celebrations - Science & Nature Programs for Children

                  Welcome to Lifecycle Celebrations!

We bring life science, earth science, ecology, and nature into classrooms and school settings, home school groups, enrichment programs, community events, and birthday parties. Specializing in life science and earth science displays, live animals and insects, and nature curriculum for children.
Lifecycle Celebrations shares a passion and caring for science and nature by teaching through hands on activities and experiences, and immersion into our natural world!
Life Science Programs:

  • Amazing Amphibians
  • Animal Kingdoms
  • Beautiful Butterflies
  • Backyard Birds     
  • Backyard Bugs
  • Critter Camouflage
  • Exotic Insects & Arachnids
  • Exotic Reptiles, Insects & More
  • Eyes To The Sky
  • Habitats Are Homes
  • Herbivores, Carnivores,Omnivores
  • It's For The Birds
  • Ladybug Lore
  • Lifecycle Series
  • Ponds In A Jar
  • Producers, Consumers, Decomposers
  • Rainforest Rumble
  • Reptile Round Up
  • Seeds, Sprouts, Roots & Shoots
  • Tadpoles, Froglets To Frogs
  • Trees Are Tree-mendous
  • What's That Buzz...Bees
  • Wings Of Flight

Earth Science, Ecology, Nature Programs:

  • Corncobs To Compost
  • Dinosaurs, Fossils & Roar
  • Earth's Natural Resources
  • Everyday Is Earthday
  • Free, Found, & Fun
  • Geology Rocks
  • Green Thumb Kids
  • Journaling Nature
  • Junior Naturalists
  • Our Awesome Oceans
  • Planting Pizza Gardens
  • Rockhounds Around The World
  • Trailblazers
  • Water Cycles
  • World Oceans
  • Worms Eat What?

About  Us
Hello my name is Angie Raskin, and I have worked with young children for the past 22 years. I have always had an appreciation of nature, and a passion for sharing nature with children. Through hands on, active learning about life and earth sciences, to raising and nurturing the smallest of critters. I believe that in teaching this appreciation of nature, we teach empathy and caring for our earth, and each other.
As a preschool teacher of many years, I observed, and learned from this connection children intuitively have to nature; much of my teaching was nature based, through seasonal activities, and life cycles. It is my goal to bring the animals, displays and activities I share to strengthen and nurture children's connection to nature, and to raise awareness of how we can all be good stewards of our planet. Planting seeds of compassion, caring and kindness one child at a time!


                                                                     Butterfly Release!
Contact us for information!
 A magical, memorable experience
for any event!                                                
*Photo Courtesy of Tracy Schauberger                                                   
Painted Lady Larvae available too!                                                    

Pinned Specimen Displays

We also work with teachers to customize our programs to correspond with your science curricula; and work with families to coordinate our programs with your child's primary interests, as well as party theme! These programs are adaptable to varying age groups, and grade levels.
*Photo Courtesy of Tracy Schauberger

Trailblazers programs are field trips to nature areas, studying specific topics
related to nature, seasons, geography, native wildlife, history of the land, plant life, and more! I offer these programs monthly, and send information to email contacts and on my Lifecycle Celebrations Facebook page too! It is also possible to schedule a Trailblazers outing for your own group! Contact me for more information! Prices vary. To be added to email contacts, please complete the contact form here, and specify your interests.

                                                   *Photos Courtesy of Tracy Schauberger

Life Cycle Series Include:
These programs are 4-6 weeks in length,
and allow children to experience full life cycles!








Watch the wonder of nature!